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Mis- misuse, Re- replay

The Prefixes “mis-“ and “re-“. İngilizcede Ön ekler

Prefix " mis "                                 


spell / misspell

mis- +     read / misread

pronounce / mispronounce. Yanlış telaffuz yapmak.

take / mistake

understand - misunderstand

George uses some words wrong. He misuses some words

Samantha spells some words wrong. She misspells some words.

Ahmet reads some nameswrong. He misreads some names.

We pronounce some English names wrong. We mispronouncesome English names. Bazı kelimeleri yanlış telaffuz ediyoruz.


                               write                                      rewrite

                               arrange                                 rearrange

                re- +        use                         Þ           reread

                               read                                       reread

Harun wrote the story again. He rewrote the story. ......Tekrar yazdı.

Anna arranged the questions again. She rearranged the questions

Ben used his notebook again. He reused his notebook.

Actually, we didn’t understand anything so the teacher read the passage again.   He reread the passage. pasajı tekrar okudu.


Note:  “mis-“ means  “wrong“ or by mistake“.

           “re-“   means  “again“ or “once more“.

The   prefixes  “ un-, dis-“  and “en-“


               able                     unable

 un -    +  popular               unpopular

               employed           unemployed

               fair                       unfair


wasn’t  able  to  repair my watch. I was unable  to repair  it. Tamir edemezdim.

Golf  is not  popular in Turkey. It is unpopular. Popüler değil.

Sally is not  employed now. She is  unemployed.

Some of  lows in the world countries are not fair. They are unfair.


                 able                disable

                 appear            disappear

    dis -  +                 Þ

                 honest            dishonest

                 please            displease


The accident made  my uncle unable to  walk. The accident disabled  him. Kaza onu sakat bıraktı.

Steve John was  here a few  minutes  ago. Now  he is not here.   He’s  disappeared. Ortadan kayboldu.

Thieves  aren’t  honest. They  are  dishonest.

Deniz’s report  didn’t  please  his teachers. It displeased   them. Rapor onları mutsuz etti.


                   able             enable         

      en-   +   large    =     enlarge

                   power         empower



We’re  going to make the  kitchen  larger. We’re going to enlarge the kitchen.  Mutfağı büyüteceğiz.

They gave him the authority to make all financial  decisions. They empowered him to make all financial decisions.

Because of the money you gave me, I was  able to pay my bills. The money you gave me enable to pay my bills.

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