Conquer English

Duty and Obligation / He shouldn't panic.

İngilizcede Zamanlar çalışmasında paragraf, cümle örnekleri ile okuma ve dinleme derslerine devam ediyoruz. Bir dilde kelime ve cümleler ne kadar okunur ve dinlenirse o kadar kalıcı olur.

1  Advice ( tavsiye, I should /ought to study ), Duty ( görev, A waiter has to serve) and obligaiton ( zorunluluk, A policeman has to wear his uniform ) ;

Bir tavsiyede bulunurken hem " should " hem de " ought to " aynı anlamda kullanılabilir.

  • I have an English test tomorrow but I shouldn't panic. I should try to study hard and do workbook activities before the test. I should ask for the unknown words to the teacher or look up the dictionary. I shouldn't upset myself. I also should ( ought to ) repeat the words loud and listen to the lesson Cd while reading the dialogues.
  • A police has to catch the thieves. He has to catch the criminals. He has to wear his uniform. He has to help people around.
  • We have to wear our seat belts while driving. After leaving the car, we have to lock the doors.

2  The passive ( Edilgen , Kaşağı was written by Ömer Seyfettin./ Kaşağı Ömer S. tarafından yazıldı. )

The wall of our house is painted every year. It is being painted now. / Şu anda boyanıyor.

My car is being maintained in the service store now. / Arabam bakım yapılıyor.

The flowers are watered every day by our gardener. The flowers are being watered now. / Şu anda çiçekler sulanıyor.

Hamlet was written by Shakespeare.

The telephone was invented by Alexander Grahem Bell.

The Eiffel Tower was built and designed by Gustave Eiffel.

The children were taken to the cinema yesterday. Çocuklar sinemaya götürüldü.

The lord of the rings was written by R. Tolkien.

The streets have been cleaned.

3 Infinitive - to  ,  Gerund -ing ( -to ve - ing ile kullanılan fiiller / I like shopping )

I enjoy shopping in İstanbul Shopping malls. They are really huge. I don't enjoy going  to the museums. Because I find it boring. Instead, I like walking around the new buildings like malls, new towers etc. Do you enjoy going to the museums ?

I will teach my son to speak English so he can learn about English culture more. I want my son to be a doctor. I also encourage him to play an instrument. Now he plays guitar. He like spending time on it. Now he can sing two songs with notes. 

I am afraid of paragliding.- I am afraid of swimming.- I like reading comics and romantic stories.

I decided to take up a Judo course. I like doing far-east sports.

I wanted to go to the cinema yesterday but my head master gave me a task to  be finished at night.

4 Phrasal And Prepositonal Verbs. ( Edatlı fiiller / I get up at 7 every morning./ Anlamı, gelen edata göre değişen fiiller )

make up / uydurma, makyaj yapma

get up / uyanma kalkma

take up / başlama

take off / kalma ( uçağın vb )

look up / sözlüğe bakma

look down / hor görme, küçük görme

get on /otobüsevb. binme

turn on / off / açma , kapama

try on / üzerine deneme

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