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     İngilizcede Intermediate ( orta , Cambridge B1 ) seviyede bütün kalıpların paragraf veya cümle örnekleri aşağıdadır. Şunu hatırlatmakta fayda var; tabii ki İngilizce öğrenirken tense'lerin ismi üzerinde çok durulmaması gerektiğine inanıyoruz. Bizim " tense-zaman" ismi belirtmemiz, verilen örneklerle bir bağlantı kurulmasına yardımcı olunması içindir. Kısaca, "tense" isminden ziyade örnekler üzerinde yoğunlaşılırsa daha pekiştirici olacaktır.


1 Present Simple ( Alışkanlık haline gelen olaylarda / He sometimes studies Maths / Bazan matematik çalışır )

  • My name is Ben. I live in London with my family. I have one brother and one sister. My brother is older than me and he works in a small Post Office  in London. My sister is younger than me. She is in grade 7. My father is an engineer and he works in a local company here. My mother works in a local library. I go to university in the centre of London. I study Spanish and French but sometimes Maths. I often go to the theatre with my friends in the evenings. But we sometimes eat out with them. I enjoy living in London.

2  Present Continuous ( Şu anda olan olaylar / He is writing a letter / Mektup yazıyor )

  • Hi, my name is Janet. Now, we are sitting  with my friends. We are writing letters now and everybody in my group of five is writing a letter to their friends abroad. Kate is writing to her friend in Spain. George in other group is reading a magazine about sports. He is really a fan of soccer. Barbara is listening to her Mp3 player. Bob is studying for her Maths exam tomorrow. He is quite hard-working student. I can see a man taking his dog for a walk outside the school. A girl is walking with her mum. She looks really happy with her balloon in her hand. Another girl is flying a kite in the National Park. Some people are swimming in the local lake. 

3 Talking About the Past and Past Continuous ( Geçmişte olan olaylar / I wrote a letter / Bir mektup yazdım, I was writing a letter / yazıyordum)

  • I was born is Manchester in England. When I was two , I learned to speak. At the age of 7 , I learned to ride a bike. At 10 , I took up  Karate course and went about a year. I joined chess club in our school and in that year I won a chess tournament. I got a present of marble chess board. It was really an exciting tournament. 20 students in our school contested in the chess tournament.
  • When I was at home at nine o'clock yesterday, I heard a huge noise outside. A car crashed into a tree in our garden. At the same time, I was reading my project book and My dad was reading his newspaper. My sister was surfing the news on the internet. My elder brother was trying to fix his guitar strings. He started to play guitar five years ago. Now , he is a professional guitarist in a band. My mum was washing the dishes in the kitchen and she was very tired. 

4 Present Perfect ( I have just written / Olayın etkisi halen devam ediyor./ Yeni yazdım ! )

I have written a letter to my friend. I have just finished it. I haven’t written anything to him since I moved to London.

I have swum with ducks in our local lake.

Today, I’ve eaten fish.

I have never climbed a hill and I have never broken my leg but John has climbed today and he has broken her arm. I have never been skiing.

I’ve had brown hair.

I have always played classical guitar. I have been playing it for 30 minutes.

She has been learning Spanish for 7 months.

I have been reading this story book since I came to this school.


5 Past S. /  Present P.  and Past Perfect ( Geçmiş ve ondan önce olan olaylarda / I had finished / bitirmiştim. )

  • When my dad came home, he saw everything was tidied up. My mum had washed the dishes. She had also dried the clothes in the balcony. My brother had eaten his supper at 6 and my sister had finished her  homework. But then something went wrong. Our little cat “ Baggie “ had knocked over the vase. The vase was very expensive and my grandparents had gifted it to my parents. And the flowers in the vase had fallen over. We were lucky and we hadn’t hurt ourselves
  • Did you have your lunch ? – No, I didn’t have lunch because I was very busy yesterday.

Have you done your Maths Project today ? – No , I haven’t done it yet.

Have you done your homework today ? Yes, I have done it.

Did you watch  Jean Damme’s last movie ? Yes I did. ( Yes I watched it last week. )


6 The Future Tense ( I will help you , I am going to help you / yardım edeceğim )

  •  I am going to play volleyball with my friends. Today I’m going to give a party after the volleyball match in the evening. I hope it will be very enjoyable.

*      Today I am going to do safety safari in Kenya National Park with a big group of people.

Then I’m going to climb up the hill with a guide. I hope this will be really exciting!

  •  In the 20 years time, we will have robots in our houses. They will serve us our meal and drinks. Maybe, there will be cities on the Mars and on the moon. We will be able to go into the space on holiday in 20 years time.

*      I will help my brother do his Maths homework because he is bad at Maths. Then I will help my mum do the vacuuming the rooms.


7 Ability , Permission and request ( Yetenek, izin ve rica / I could ride a bike / Bisiklete binebilirdim.)

  • When I was small, I couldn’t ride a bike but now I can. When I was younger, I couldn’t eat hot pepper but now I can eat.

I couldn’t speak English when I was 6 but I learned to speak at the age of 8.

  • I will be able to speak English fluently when I finish the course.

If I find a good job, I will be able to buy a car.

  • Would you pass me the pepper please ? – Why not.

Can you pass me the salt please ? – Of course. Here you are.

Would you give me a bottle of water please ? – Of course.

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