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February / 27 / 2012

American Officers were shot in Kabul

Afghan and Western officials said , a lieutenant and a major were found dead on the floor of an office.
The Taliban stated responsibility for the Interior Ministery attack, saying it was retaliation for burning Quran.

An Afghan gunman killed two American Military advisers with shots on the head inside the ministry.

Afghan defense minister called US Defence Secretary to apologise for the shooting and offer his condolences.

retaliation : misilleme
responsibility : sorumluluk
burn : yakma
ministry : bakanlık
apologize : özür dilemek (-ise ile de yazılabilir )
condolence : taziye

Two people die in Brazil in blaze at Brazil Research Station.

when the fire broke out at the station in Antarctica on Saturday killing two navy personnel and it forced the helicopter of
about 40 people. A third navy member was injured.

Several South American countries have bases in Antarctica where they carry out scientific research.

blaze : alev, yangın
break out : çıkmak ( yangın vb )
injured : yaralı
carry out : deney vb. yapmak

Mandela was released from the hospital

Nelson Mandela,93, left the hospital after minor surgery on Sunday after an overnight stay for minor diagnostic
surgery to determine the cause of the abdominal complaint. The spokesman also said the 93-year old Nobel peace laureate
had undergone a laparoscopy, a procedure that involves surgeons making an incision in the belly.

release : serbest bırakmak
surgery : cerrahi
diagnostic : teşhis
determine : saptamak, belirlemek
cause : sebep
abdominal complaint : karın şikayeti
laureate : sahibi
incision : kesik, yarık


Manchester City takes the lead

Man City took another step towards the Premier League title when they  beat B.Rovers 3-0. This was their 18th successive home
league win to move 5 points clear of Man.United at the top of the table.

Chelsea ended 5 match-run without a win when they beat Bolton 3-0.

beat : yenmek
successive : Peşpeşe

Fenerbahçe has forgotten winning away from home

Yellow canaries have lost six matches this season and all been away from home ( deplasman ). BUt they are unbeaten at home
in 36 league games. And the truth of the matter is that a team can not be a champion only winning at home.

forget ( forgotten ) : unutmak
away : uzak ( deplasman )
unbeaten : yenilmez


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