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Turkish Airlines ( THY ) CEO Kotil Aims to....

Sizler için Türkiyeden ve dünyadan haberler, basitleştirilerek verilmektedir. Öğrendiğiniz temel bilgileri güncel hayatta da bulmak adına bu haberler umarız faydalı olur. Mavi ile belirtilen gramer konularında bir zorlanma olduğunda ilgili makaleye başvuru yapılabilir.   



Turkish Airlines' target 

Ceo of Turkish Airlines Temel Kotil aims to carry 38 million people next year. He has also said they will aim to reach to the expectation of 7.8 billion for 2012 with 17 percent growth in passenger number. 

Temel Kotil stated that the number of trips in Europe went down in accordance with the decline in purchasing power. He said travelers have started to turn to cheaper airlines, which make business conditions for some airlines in Europe more difficult. The Ceo explained that the competition is getting harder for those airlines that " go home  and sleep after the workday is done ". He added that dynamic airlines like THY  attracted extra passengers because they always strive to do more.

Glossary ;

aim : amaçlamak

say ( said ) : demek, söylemek

reach : ulaşmak , yetişmek

start : başlamak

which : defining relative pronoun ( -ki bağlacı, kendinden öncekii ismi tanımlar)

explain : açıklamak

gettin harder : zorlaşmak

add : eklemek

because :  çünkü



Are we yet not in the EU ? Are we still sad ?

We have entered a problematic period as far as  our relations with European Union are concerned. The success that Turkey has seen with its economy and its general development has sparked in some circles an air of " we no longer need for the EU".    This atmosphere is being supported ( boosted ) by the fact that EU is still going through one of the greatest crises in its history. This crises is shaking the very structure of the most EU, mostly Greece, Italy and Spain. Last week  there was  a summit in Brussels with decisions made about all sorts of new precautions. Now they are trying to transcend this crises.

transcend / aşmak

concern : ilgilenmek, ilişkisi olmak

spark : teşcik etmek, uyandırmak

support : desteklemek

shake : sallamak



Sönmez Atasoy passed away at the age of 67

Loved actor Atasoy, who started in television seriesi films and theatre productions, died ( passed away ) following a heart attack at the S.Demirel University Hospital in Isparta. His funeral will be held on Friday afternoon at the Kocatepe Mosque in Ankara following a memorial ceremony at the city's Opera House at 10.30 a.m.

Sönmez Atasoy , who was famous for his role in Kurtlar Vadisi TV series ( Valley of the Wolves ), had been in Isparta  for the rehearsal ( shooting ) of the series of " Sakarya Fırat ". 

hold ( held ) :  yapmak, kaldırmak

had been : bulunmuştu.

pass away : ölmek



Obama Saluted his troops in Iraq

Obama, who is the president of the USA, marked the IRAQ war's end saluting to troops. All US troops are to be out of Iraq Dec.31, though he has promised ( pledged ) The USA will continue civilian assistance for ıraq.Even as a majority at the US public supports ending the war, some Republicans have criticised the withdrawal, arguing that Obama is leaving behind an unstable Iraq.

mark : işaretlemeki, damgalamak

salute : selamlamak

are to be : zorunda olmak,

promise : söz vermek

criticise : eleştirmek

leave : ayrılmak , terketmek

argue : tartışmak

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