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New earthquake strikes the East 

Quake / deprem

Kandilli Observatoryannounced that a magnitude 5.0 earthquake hit eastern Turkey on Wednesday morning.  The Observatory said the quake shook early Wednesday near the city of Van, Kurubaş.

The authorities said the latest tremor didn't cause any serious damage but some of the residents rushed out their tents in panic. 

hit : vurmak

shake : sallamak, vurmak ( hit )

cause : sebep almak

tremor : artçı, sallantı, sarsıntı

Music / Recovering Tatlıses

According to the Cihan news agency reports, İbrahim Tatlıses is now working on a new album " Mucize / Miracle "  just eight months after being shot in the head. He also cut a " welcome cake " with his wife, Ayşegül Yıldız , producer Yağıcı and his friends. " This new album took all my motivation and energy. I hope it will be worth my listeners" said Tatlıses.

According to :  ' e göre...

worth : değer


Unemployed Teachers / Gülay Göktürk

Just like other columnists, my mail box is filled with letters from unemployed teachers who have been waiting for years to be appointed to schools. According to reports, there are 200.000 teachers who are currently waiting to be employed by the Ministry of Education. At first glance, the teachers' demands are very just and they are right to complain. But when you look at the case  from another aspect, it becomes confusing. Is it only teachers who are waiting to be employed ? What makes them different from the tens of thousands of engineers , graduates of management ?......Is this not umemployment with a diploma,  which can be seen all around the world ? Let's assume that the Ministry of Education takes action  and responds to the demands of unemployed teachers to be hired. The ministry can only employ a small number of these teachers in its schools every year in line with need and budget. Actually ,asking the ministry to increase employment in education means making up positions at schools.

employ : iş vermek, işe almak, görevlendirmek

wait : beklemek

appoint : tayin etmek, edilmek

become : olmak

assume : farzetmek

take action : harekete geçmek

mean : demek, anlamına gelmek


President is not happy about amendment to law / match-fixing 


President of Turkey Abdullah Gül, said he is uneasy about the recent amendments to the law after parliament approved it, which he says urges him to examine the amendments more carefully.

amendment : değişiklik, yasa değişikliği

uneasy : huzursuz

match-fixing : şike

approve : onaylanma

examine : inceleme

urge : teşvik, zorlama

recent : yeni, son

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