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Common Idioms in English

İngilizcede en yaygın kullanılan deyimleri vermeye devam ediyoruz.

bad-mouth: say unkind, unflattering, embarrassing (and probably untrue) things about someone.

Birisi hakkında kötü konuşma.

A: "I don't believe what John said. Why is he bad-mouthing me?"
B: "He's probably jealous of your success.


be a piece of cake: be very easy.

Kek. Kolay olma.

A: "Bob said the test was difficult, but I thought it was a piece of cake.""


be all ears: be eager to hear what someone has to say.

A: "I just got an e-mail message from our old friend Sally."
B: "Tell me what she said. I'm all ears!"

Kulak kesilmek


be broke: be without money.

"No, I can't lend you ten dollars. I'm completely broke until payday."

Parasız pulsuz. Beş parasız.


be fed up with (with someone or something): be out of patience (with someone or something);
be very tired of someone or something.


"Bill, you're too careless with your work. I'm fed up with
apologizing for your mistakes!"


be in and out: be at and away from a place during a particular time.

uzakta olma, belli bir süre bulunmama.

"Could we postpone our meeting until tomorrow? I expect to
be in and out of the office most of the day today."


be on the go: be very busy (going from one thing or project to another).

meşgul olma

"I'm really tired. I've been on the go all week long."


be on the road: be traveling.

yolda olma

"You won't be able to contact me tomorrow because I'll be on the road."


be over: be finished; end.

bitme, son bulma

"I can't see you until around 4 o'clock. My meetings won't be over until then."


be up and running: (for a technological process) be operational; be ready to use .

"Dave's ESL Cafe on the Web has been up and running since December 1995."

Faaliyette olma.


be used to (+Ving/noun): be accustomed to; not uncomfortable with.

alışık olma, alışkan olma

"It won't be hard to get up at 5:00 AM. I'm used to getting up early."


beat: exhausted; very tired (adj.).

yorgun olma

"This has been a long day. I'm beat!"


beat around the bush: evade an issue; avoid giving a direct answer.

"Quit beating around the bush! If you don't want to go with me, just tell me!"

Lafı eveleyip geveleme, dolaştırma


beat one's brains out: try very hard to understand or do something.

"Can you help me with this problem? I've been beating my brains out with it,
but I just can't solve it."

Bir şeyi anlamak için kendini çok zorlama


Beats me: I have no idea.

A: "What time's the party?"
B: "Beats me!"

Hiç fikri olmama.


before long: soon.

A: "I'm really tired of working."
B: "Just be patient. The weekend will be here before long."



bent out of shape: needlessly worried about something.

"I know you're worried about your job interview, but don't get bent out of shape.
You'll do just fine."

gereksiz yere endişelenme


Adopted from Dave's ESL Cafe

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