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Kelime Açıklamaları ve Sorular 1

Aşağıda, test ile ilgili verilen kelimeler çalışıldıktan sonra testin çözülmesi önerilir.

Sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen kelime veya ifadeyi bulunuz.

1 The rise in energy ____ has led to a reduction of fossil fuels that the world must use.

A)     redundancy

B)     efficiency

C)    consumption

D)    suitability

E)     conformity

2 We must find some way to give them fairly complete and realistic picture of the situation, but without ____ them too much.

A)     depressing

B)     intimidating

C)    restricting

D)    complementing

E)     embittering

3 Any child left to its own devices for too long is likely to ____ on some dangerous enterprise.

A)     assert

B)     entice

C)    embark

D)    reproach

E)     reduce

4 One defect seems inherent in a purely classical education – namely, a too ____ emphasis on the past.

A)     recurrent

B)     repressive

C)    coherent

D)    exclusive

E)     deceptive

5 Industry as a whole was badly affected by the restrictions, but it was the high technology sector that suffered most ____ .

A)     blatantly

B)     randomly

C)    reasonably

D)    tightly

E)     acutely

6 Few, if any, of the statements could be ____ substantiated by concrete experimental evidence.

A)     intentionally

B)     successively

C)    restrictedly

D)    impressively

E)     conclusively

7 He’s basically a very reallient person so you can be sure he’ll soon ____ this disappointment.

A)     make out

B)     put through

C)    get over

D)    look up

E)     fall through

8 Whatever the pressures put upon him, I think it is highly unlikely that James would ever ____ anyone.

A)     walk away with

B)     give in to

C)    make up for

D)    get away with

E)     fall through

9 He invariably gets what he wants but unfortunately this is usually ____ the expense of others.

A)     out of

B)     from

C)    up to

D)    at

E)     through

10 Public attention focuses ____ infant mortality as a prime indicator of changes in a society’s health.

A)     on

B)     to

C)    at

D)    over

E)     into

11 He looked ____ nervously ____ his shoulder hoping that no one was paying him any attention.

A)     out / of

B)     up / through

C)    back / over

D)    down / from

E)     in / for

12 ____ hard he works, he’ll never be the equal of his father, he’s just not capable of it.

A)     So

B)     However

C)    As

D)    Whatever

E)     Just as

13 We know nothing at all about the company’s new chairman ____ that he’s just had his fiftieth birthday.

A)     since

B)     instead

C)    in case

D)    on condition

E)     except

14 For a business to be really successful, team work is essential and the members of team must be support of ____ .

A)     each of them

B)     the others

C)    themselves

D)    one another

E)     the other one

15 The testimony of the second witness didn’t surprise me at all; ____ the account he gave was more or less what I had expected from him.

A)     on the other hand

B)     as a matter of fact

C)    conversely

D)    consequently

E)     nevertheless


16 I don’t like the timetable they have given me; all my classes are after lunch but I would ____ rather teach in the morning.

A)     much

B)     more

C)    as

D)    just

E)     even


17 I’ve given up expecting them to act sensibly but their behaviour on this occasion was ____ irrational than usual.

A)     the most

B)     so much

C)    even more

D)    ever so

E)     the more

18 ____ of the questions they asked at the interview were ____ what I expected.

A)     Some / more

B)     Each / such

C)    All / so

D)    Any / about

E)     None / quite

19 Of course, it can never be proved, but just the same, some people think that it ____ better for these children if they had been forcibly taken away from their families.

A)     may have been

B)     had been

C)    will have been

D)    would have been

E)     must be

20 Actually, most of the crimes that ____ last year were not connected with violence, but this is not the picture that ____ up from watching TV coverage of the topic.


A)     were committed / builds

B)     have been committed / has been built

C)    were being committed / was built

D)    had committed / would built

E)     would be committed / had been built

21 Of course my suspicions ____ by the confused way in which she ____ out her answers to my questions.

A)     have been awakened / was stammering

B)     were awakened / stammered

C)    awakened / stammers

D)    would have awakened / had stammered

E)     would have been awakened / has stammered

stammer: (f)  kekelemek

22 When he ____ that very rash promise he didn’t realise what he ____ himself in for.

A)     will make / would let

B)     has made / lets

C)    made / was letting

D)    was making / has let

E)     makes / is letting

let oneself in: anahtar ile kapıyı açıp içeriye girmek

23 Indeed, on both sides, it ____ that the decisive battles ____ on the plains of Flanders and Northeast France.

A)     has to be foreseen / has been fighting

B)     has been foreseen / has been fought

C)    could have been foreseen / will fight

D)    had been foreseen / would be fought

E)     will be foreseen / could be fought

24 The outbreak of fire underground ____ an excellent opportunity for ____ a no smoking rule.

A)     will prove / to be enforced

B)     has provided / having enforced

C)    would provided / to enforce

D)    had provided / being enforced

E)     provided / enforcing


embitter: (f) acılaştırmak; gücendirmek, acı hisler uyandırmak
assert: (f) ispat ve iddia ile beyan etmek; teyit etmek; demek, öne sürmek,
entice: (f) Ayartmak 
embark: (f) gemiye binmek veya bindirmek; sokmak girişmek,
reproach: (f) iftira etmek,sitem etmek, serzeniş etmek; ayıplamak
inherent: (s) tabiatında var olan 
recurrent: (s) tekrar vuku bulan; (anat) dönüp aksi yöne giden 
repressive: (s) bastırıcı, engelleyici; sıkıcı
exclusive: (s) umuma açık olmayan; tek, eşi olmayan; hariç tutan; of ile müstesna 
deceptive: (s) aldatan, aldatıcı

blatant: (s) bödüren; yüksek sesle bağıran; kaba, açık, bariz, 

random: (s) tesadüfi, rasgele / 

reasonably: (z) makul surette; oldukça

redundancy: (i) fazlalık 

efficiency: (i) verim oranı, yeterlik; etki 
suitability, suitableness: (i) uygunluk 
conformity: (i) uygunluk, benzeyiş
depress:  üzmek, kuvvetten düşürmek,
dili kolunu kanadını kırmak; değerini azaltmak; mevki veya rütbesini indirmek; 
intimidate: (f)gözünü korkutmak, sindirmek, yıldırmak 
complement: (f) tamamlamak; birbirini tamamlar olmak tightly: (z) sıkıca 

acutely: (z) zekâ ile; şiddetle

substantiate: (f) kanıtlamak; gerçekleşmek; gerçekleştirmek, tahakkuk ettirmek 

intentionally: (z) kasten, mahsus 
successively: (z) sıra ile, birbiri arkasından 
impressively: (z) tesir edici birşekilde, şaşırtıcı derecede
reallient: her ortama çok iyi uyan 
make out: (p) (göz ile) farketmek; mana vermek, anlamak; ispat etmek; yazmak; başarmak; geçinmek,
put through: bitirmek 
get over: (hastalığı, öfkeyi) atlatmak; açıklamak, anlaşılmasını sağlamak 
look up: gözleri yukarı dikmek; aramak, bakmak; ziyaret etmek, yoklamak; iyileşmek, düzelmek 
fall through: (p) başarı kazanamamak, muvaffak olamamak,

walk away with: ön plana geçmek 

give in: teslim olmak; kabul etmek, susmak 
make up for: telafi etmek 
get away with: argo şüphe uyandırmadan veya yakalanmadan atlatmak 
fall through : başarı kazanamamak, muvaffak olamamak, 

(i) = isim

(f) = fiil

(z) = zarf

(p) = phrasal verb

(s) = sıfat


The Answer Key ;

1 C  2 A  3 C  4 A  5 E  6 E   7 C  8 B  9 D  10 A  11 C  12  B  13 E  14 D  15 B  16 A  17 C 18 E  19 D 20 A  21 B  22 C  23 D  24  E

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