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Writing Report / Where do you think money should be spent on ?

FCE / Complete First Certificate kitabını okuyan öğrencilerimizden bizlere gelen makaleleri yayınlıyoruz.

The Writing task ;

The college / School where you study has been given a large amount of money to spend either on improving the classrooms or on students' social activities. The director of your college has asked you to write a report describing the benefits of both ideas and saying which one you think should be chosen and why. ( FCE Cambridge )

Write your report.

Report 1 / By Nursultan Kırım - 10A

With this report I'm going to explain the benefits of money for our college.  As you know it , money and the knowledge are the most powerful things in this world. Therefore money is important as we need it to improve our school. It is ,moreover, needed for our college social activities such as trips, sports at  gym etc.

In our school, we have already computers with internet access in classes but we need smartboards in classes as well. With this technology we can have our lessons more visually than we used to have. We have also got air-conditioning system that provides motivation for us. Our classrooms are well-equipped with the latest technologies. But we can make it better because we have to be the best at all branches.

Our college also supplies social activities for the students. Therefore, for all things to improve, we need to use that amount of money both on improving classes and on providing social activities.

If you want to be the best , you have to use your money effectively.


Report 2 / By Senanur Altuntaş- 10 A

I think money is one of the most important thing to provide a good school system apart from a good syllabus. And we can use it for anything  in schools. Money provides a lot of benefits  for our school. For instance, we can buy smartboards and tablets. Furthermore, money gives us possibility for estabilishing school social clubs.

Our classrooms are well-equipped but as I said money is so important that we need to use, especially that of big amount, effectively. First of all, we should improve our classes. Each class has already computers with internet access. However we can do more. This is necessary, I think. For instance we can have tablet for each student so that we can have good and aducate communication with the branch teachers.

In order to improve students' abilities, we have to do something more about social clubs. If we spend our money mostly on these, we would take more benefits. We can improve our abilities .

As a result, I like my school and I would to do best things for my education. I hope my school administration will care about our recommendation.

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