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Use of English / Part 1

Question 1

In your family, who does these small jobs ?

do the ironing / ütü  yapma

make the beds / yatağı toplama

lay the table / masayı serme / hazırlama

get the dinner ready / yemeği hazırlama

sweep the floor / yeri süpürme

dust the furniture / mobilya tozu alma

do the washing / çamaşırları yıkama

do the washing-up / bulaşıkları yıkama

hang the washing out to dry / çamaşırları serme

1.sorumuza dönelim ;

My mum does the washing-up because she has more time.

My dad sometimes dusts the furniture because my mum does the ironing at the same time.

Question 2

Which of these business do your parents like ( enjoy ) doing or hate ?

My dad doesn't enjoy doing the washing-up because he thinks this is the woman's chore ( business ).

Who should do the housework ? 

"When most women go out to work,  many of them full-time,  they still find themselves doing most of the housework. Research shows that mothers spend , on average, three hours a day doing housework and cooking,   whereas fathers spend 45 minutes. Men still expect women to do the housework. If / When men do things around the house, they think they are doing a favour. "

Taken from Cambridge FCE

“Given our traditional family structure, our identity as conservative democrats who value children, our tendency to be protective of children and our willingness to empower women in work life, we can’t really expect women to be superwomen. As a social welfare state, we have to make life easier for women. I am saying this as a sister who has had an active career for 15 years,”

she told the audience gathered at the Reşat Moralı Hall of the Employment and Social Security Ministry.

Taken from Today's Zaman


Use of English / Part 2

FCE sınavlarında "Use of english " bölümlerinde yapılması istenen çalışmalardan biri de, capital harflerle verilen kelimeleri kullanarak, anlam aynı kalacak şekilde tümceyi yeniden yazmaktır.


She doesn't enjoy jogging as much as running.

MORE ( more karşılaştırma zarfını kullanarak tümceyi yeniden yazalım. )

She likes running more than jogging.


Caren enjoys watching TV more than any other free time activity.


Watching TV is the most enjoyable free-time acitivity for Caren.


John thinks reading is more boring than writing.


Reading is not as interesting as writing. 


Dilbilgisi bölümlerinde Comparative ve Superlative konularını iyi çalışınız.

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