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I wish It was raining. / Keşke yağmur yağsa.

Practising Test

"I wish ve If only" ( daha güçlü ) ifadelerini Past Perfect ( had + V 3 ) kullanırsak pişmanlık anlamı verir. Past tense ile kullanırsak ( V 2 ), olmasını istediğimiz durumu ifade ederiz.

We use " I wish and If only " to  talk about regrets if we use it with Past Perfect.

Choose a or b so that it has a similar meaning.

1  It is a pity he is not in the class.

   a I wish he was in the class.

   b I wish he has been in the class.

2 I didn't write back to him.

   a I wish I had written to him back.

   b I wish I wrote to him back.

3 I have just sent that email. I forgot to send it earlier 

   a If only I hadn't sent that email

   b If only I sent that email.

4 I wish I had more money.

   a I  have more money

   b I  have a little money.

5 If only we could sell the car.

   a We can't sell the car.

   b We can sell the car.

6 Unfortunately, I didn't help her with the problem.

   a If only I hadn't helped her.

   b If only I had helped her.

7 We can't understand why she didn't come with us and have a nice time.

  a If only she hadn't come with us.

  b If she had come with us,  she would have had a nice time.


1. a  2. a  3. a  4.b  5.a  6. b  7.b

Now , write third conditional ( If -3 ) sentences about the situations.

1 She broke her arm last week. At home she started to use internet. Now she is one of the professional programmer.

   a If she hadn't bought a computer , she wouldn't have been famous.

   b If she hadn't broken her arm, she wouldn't have become a good programmer.

2 I didn't pass my English exam. I went to English course that took 6 weeks. Now I like English and my English is A.

   a If I had gone to English course, my English would have been A.

   b If I had passed my English exam for the first time, I wouldn't have gone to the course.

3 My manager told me to go Managing fair in Italy but I didn't go because my wife was going to have a birth. So he said he didn't want to work with me any more.

   a If I hadn't refused his offer to go to Italy,  my manager would have been happy.

   b If only I hadn't gone to Italy.


1. b.  2. b.  3. a

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