Conquer English
Daily Activities of People

Progress Check / Pre-Intermediate

Part 1 /
Everyday English / Günlük İngilizce
İngilizcede çok sık kullanılan günlük kalıplar ;
How about ?/ ... ne dersin ?
Shall we ..? / ...yapalım mı ?
Would you ? / sakıncası yoksa...?
That's a good idea.. / iyi fikir
It was fantastic ! / Mükemmeldi.
Nothing special. / Özel bir şey yok
Do you think you could..? / Yaparmısın ?
Why don't we play soccer ?  -  That's a good idea.
Would you mind helping me clean the rooms ? -  Why not ?
How about going to the theatre tonight ?  - I'm afraid I can't.
Shall we finish the English Project for semester ?  - Sorry, I am busy.
Do you think oyu could set the table ?  - Ok mum. I will
How was your semester holiday ? - It was fantastic.


Part 2
Close Test
Leisure Activities in Turkey / Türkiye'de Gündelik Aktiviteler
Turkey's most common leisure activities are social and home-based. Playing computer and listening 1)----- music for teens and watching television for all ages are the most popular ones.Turkish people watch mostly soap operas and TV series such 2)-----" Kurtlar Vadisi  and Öyle Bir Geçer Zamanki " . They have more viewers than any other programme. Listening to music is 3)------- appealing and popular pastime.Turkish pop and slow pop 4)------- a most popular type of music the Turkish buy.
Turkish families also like to 5)------- Turkish tea or Turkish Coffee right after the dinner. The tea is good if it is
" demli-well made " for Turkish people.The " Türk Kahvesi " is 6) --------- drunk " orta şekerli "
The most common free-time activity outside the home is to visit " neighbours and relatives ". 7)--------- popular activities are
visiting to the theatre and cinema. But not so many people go to the theatre in Turkey in compare to the people in Britain.
Of all sporting activities, playing football is the most popular 8)------- men of all ages.While
men like playing soccer, basketball and volleyball, women prefer swimming, fitness classes.
1 ) A) at     B) of       C) to 
2 ) A) as     B) that     C) if
3 ) A) as     B) also     C) too
4 ) A) is     B) are      C) can
5 ) A) drink  B) drinking C) drinks
6 ) A) usually B) always  C) never
7 ) A) Any    B) some     C) other
8 ) A) for    B) as       C) with
Answer Key 
1 C
2 A
3 B
4 B
5 A
6 A
7 C
8 A
Part 3
Vocabulary and Grammar
1 We have very little furniture in our house. Our house is so ---------.
A) busy      B) old     C) plain
2 I --------- the train to the town this morning.
A) catch     B) catches   C) caught
3 She doesn't have many friends here, she must be -----------.
A) weird     B) lonely    C) happy
4 We can see old steam engines in this ----------.
A) theatre   B) museum    C) cinema
5 Did you --------- to drive a car when you were at the university ?
A) used to   B) use  to  C) use
6 He didn't ------------ biology at school.
A) used to like   B) use to like    C) liked
7  When was she born ?
a) in New York    B) in 1990    C) in the city
8 I don't understand this question. I am very -----------.
A) happy   B) confused    C) optimistic
9 Who did --------------- to your seminar this week ?
A) you invited    B) you invite    C) invited
10 How did you spend your last week ?
A) I went to Manchester    B) I am going to Manchester   C) I go to Manchester
Answer Key
10 A    9  B    8 B   7 B     6 B    5 C   4 B   3 B    2 C   1 C
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