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10 th Grade, 2nd Term 2nd Exam

ÖZEL ------------------------ANADOLU VE FEN LİSESİ





Seven sentences g-have been removed from the article. Choose from a-h which fits each gap. ( 14 p )           " I often spend the day shopping "

Fashion styling is basically about making people  look nice. I work on editorial  photo shoots

, styling models  for fashion spreads in magazines  and newspapers, and also style celebritiesfor big awards

ceremonies. ( 1 . ) -------  There is actually a strong commercial element to styling.

A typical day usuall starts  with me packing up and returning  clothes worn at an awards ceremony the night before,

then heading  out to find new things for my next assingment. Some stylists go through public relations agencies to find clothes.

. ( 2. )-------- As a stylist, yourcontactsare extremely important, so I'm very protective of mine.

If I am finding clothes for someone new, I will call the person first to discuss their likes and dislikes, which helps me to put  together a profile. Then I will spend the day shopping and bring back lots of different outfits for them to choose from.

The best thing about my job is shopping. I hope that doesn't sound too shallow.( 3. )  ---------  I work with a big list of people- models-,make-up artists, You are collaborating together to make something look  nice.

It's easy, however, to get caught up in the glamour of the job. I feel that with any demanding career, it is important to have a balance. ( 4 . )-------------- My husband and I are both stylists and we try to avoid this.We're great football fans.


There are range of skills you need to be a top fashion stylist. It's not enough to have an artistic eye. ( 5. ) --------- For example if you goto gigs, exhibitions and plays, it will inform your work. During a fashion shoot, you have to be hawk-eyed, ready to swoop on any uneven hemlines.

It is important to be really  and careful. So the reality is that it is a lot of hard work. If you want to be a fashion stylist, get a qualification under your belt, not necessarily a degree in fashion, but may be in design. ( 6.) --------- Then do work experience with a stylist in the most environment possible- so you learn to work under pressure to a deadline.


Don't expect to make any moneyfor the first two years. ( 7.) ---------------  .   I am nervous about saying that I earn because I run my own business, but you get  paid per assingnment and it really varies.



(One extra which you don’t need to use.)


A Otherwise, you could get styling take over your life and become a caricature fashion person.

B You should try to find inspiration in unexpected places.

C In fact you will almost certainly supplement your income with other part-time

D I work differently in that I prefer to deal with people directly , and I try to support  London designers.

E More important is planning and organising.

F Their clothes are usually loaned, because when an outfit appears in a magazine, it is advertising.

G That will give you a useful range of skills.

H Apart from that , it 's the social aspect of the job which is important to me.


Note ; The bold words are supposed to help you complete the parts as clues.


 PART A ( 20 P )    Choose the correct word a,b,c,


1 I'm really sure that when I get home, my dad ----------------- computer.


a  play            b will be playing             c is playing


2 They were all asleep when I came home so I tried not to ---------------------

 a  make a noise          b making a noise              c made a noise


3 By the end of this week,we ------------------------------- building the new house.

 a finish                b will be finishing                c will have finished


4 Hi Jane, How are you ? I --------------------------------- a great time  here in France.

 a have                b 'm having                c had


5 Me and my wife ------------------------ hard here in France since we arrived 8 months ago.

 a are working      b  have been working    c worked


6 I promise, ıf you want me to walk with you,  I -----------.

 a will walk        b will be walking            c am walking.   


7 As you can see in the picture, I ---------------------------- with a nice family here. They are really helpful.

 a stay             b am staying               c will stay


8 Many people believe that in the future all the ice in the Arctic ----------------


a melt        b is melting               c is going to melt


9 My family always ------------------- here so a lot of people love them.

 a is living              b lives              c will be living


10 I can't take up for the seminar on time because the train ---------------- at 8.00

 a leaves              b is leaving                c  will have lived



PART B ( 7 p )


Gerunds- ing and Infinitives - to


When we put a verb after a preposition, we usually use -gerund -ing. COmplete the sentences with a prepositions and one of the verbs below.


Verbs ;    learn     teach    drop     get    do    play    swim


Prepositions ;      in, on, to, of, for, in, at,


1 She had difficulty -------------- to the meeting on time.

2 Steve is very proud -------------- to do deep sea diving so quickly.

3 She is very keen ------------ the children to ride their bikes.

4 The girl was in trouble ---------------his muddy sports clothes on the changing room floor.

5 I believe --------------some exercise every day in order to keep healthy.

6 You don't have to be good ------------- to enjoy it.

7 I am looking forward to --------------- against him again soon.



PART C  ( 10 P )Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form ; gerund ( ing ) or infinitive ( to )


1Can I suggest -------------  the trip to Ephesus till the next week ? ( postpone )

2 How will you manage --------------- in touch with her after a huge argument ? ( get )

3 Do you want me ------------ him to the party ? ( invite )

4 She is considering ------------ his course of studies . ( change )

5 He doesn't really mind -------------- at the weekdays . ( study)


PART D ( 7 p ) Complete each of the sentences which follow by writing one of the words or phrases in each gap.

stage    acting    spectators   scene    public    performance   audience


1 The garden in all its glory is open to the --------------.

2 The ------------ was excellent, despite none of the actors being professional.

3 He gave a superb --------------- as Hamlet.

4 My favourite actress was only in the first  ----------------- of the play unfortunately.

5 The -------------- were clearly delighted with their performance.

6 The singers sang  together on ------------- for the first time.

7 There were more ---------------- than usual at the football match.


WRITING FOLDER/ Essay 1 /.  Write your essay between 80-100 words. Try to use these useful expressions and linkers ; ( 17 p )


İn addition – and – but – In conclusion – in contrast- on the other hand- however- therefore- not only…but also – I’d like to begin this essay..- first of all- Many people think- In my opinion


“Should companies or institutions give men and women equal opportunities to have time off  work to look after their children ?  “


1 Introduce the topic     2. Set out the argument or give reasons        3 . Draw a conclusion













Prepared by English Department / January / 2012         Duration : 40 min.                         Grade : 75


Some parts have been taken from Cambridge FCE complete Book.

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