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11 th Grade, 2nd Term 1st Exam

Daha önce verilen 9.sınıf testinin cevap anahtarı ;

Part A : 1 F  2 F  3 T  4 T  5 T   6 F  7 T  8 T   9 T   10  T

Part B : 1 d  2 a  3 c  4 c  5b  6 a  7 b  8a/b  9 a  10 b

Part C : 1 B 2 B 3 A  4 A  5 B  6 B  7 A  8 B  9 C  10 C

Part D and E : depends on the student's answer

Part F : 1 personality   2 consciousness   3 emergency   4 programmed   5 characteristics -friendliness-loyalty-creativity 6 intelligent - emotions


11. Sınıflar 2. Dönem 1.Sınavı
    09/03/2012 / 11 AB / 11 FenB

Book : Cambridge / Real 3

Name / Surname / Grade / Class ;

Part A / Cooke shows ingredients for big prize
Read the sentences and put the correct word in the blanks. ( 18 p )

Discover    talented      elusive     phenomenal       generation      rankings     significant    injury     emphasize
1  The greatest sweetener of human life is Friendship. To raise this to the highest pitch of enjoyment, is a secret which but few ----------------------.           

2  For everything outside the --------------------world, language can only be used allusively, but never even approximately in a comparative way,            

3  The countenances of children, like those of animals, are masks, not faces, for they have not yet developed a ----------------------------- profile of their own.                
4  People try to put us down ( Talking about my ---------------------------------.
5  In the complete overall history of tennis, I figure I'll be worth a sentence or two.... That's why my place in the all-time ----------------------- means so very little to me, because I know I   won't be anybody's number one, and it's that same old thing: if you're not number one, then what does it really matter?
6  Looking back over a decade one sees the ideal of a university become a myth, a vision, a meadow lark among the smoke stacks.
    Yet perhaps it is there at Princeton, only more--------------------- than under  the skies of the Prussian Rhineland or Oxfordshire;
7  Certainly parents play a crucial role in the lives of individuals who are intellectually gifted or creatively ---------------------.
8  Although good early childhood programs can benefit all children, they are not a quick fix for all of society's ills—from crime in the streets to adolescent pregnancy, from school failure to unemployment. We must --------------------- that good quality early childhood programs can help change thesocial
9  There is nothing that people bear more impatiently, or forgive less, than contempt: and an---------------------- is much sooner forgotten than an insult


Part B / Exract 2 / Reading 2, Read the text and put the words in the correct blanks.
Tim Shipman ( 10 p )

Cyclists could face (1) -------------- up to 2,500 pound for riding without a bell. New laws being (2 ) ----------------- by the government would mean that ever bike in Britain would have to be( 3 ) -------------- with a bell.
Cycling without one would be a criminal (4)---------------, the same as dangereous riding, ignoring red lights or cycling on the pavement.
These offences typically (5)----------------fines of between 30 and 60 pound.
But persistent(6 ) ---------------- can be fined up to 2500 pound, have their driving license (7 ) ---------------or, in extreme cases, be jailed for 2 years.
Under current ( 8 ) ----------------every bicycle has to be sold with a bell fitted. But there is no (9 )-----------------for the rider to keep the bell after purchase. Transport Minister Stephan Ladyman has said it would be sensible to extend cycling (10 )--------------------to ensure that bells are not removed.

Fines   regulations offence  obligation  attract   endorsed  considered     offenders    penalties Fitted


Part C / Writing / write each with 80 words ( 13 p )

1 Would you be interested in any sports ? Why ? Why not ?
2 Do you think the regulations and penalties are deterrent ? Why ? Why not ?

Deterrent : caydırıcı
Regulations ; kurallar, düzenlemeler

Use the phrases in the box
In my opinion / I believe / The first is / Finally / as a result / Because of this / In addition / As a result / Consequently / lastly

I would ( n’t ) be interested in ( any sports ) soccer / cycling / basketball because……………………………..









Part D / Focus on / Synonyms ( 16 p )

The following words are all in the article. Choose the synonyms of the words below. Then use them in the appropriate blanks in the sentences. ( Please write only the numbers )

Riders ; -----------------,  hit ; ------------------, overtaking ------------------, room ------------------, perception---------------------
Rose---------------------, test --------------------------, collision -----------------------.

1 Katherine Carter, a spokeswoman with the Essex County Prosecutor's Office, confirmed that Nikhil Badlani sustained fatal injuries in the --------------------- and was pronounced dead  at 5:52 p.m. at University Hospital in Newark.
2 Here is an example of a burning candle ---------------. Get a glass jar and place a candle inside. Light the candle and then cover the top of the jar with the lid.
3 However , female ---------------- are given more room.
4 Cyclists who wear helmets are more likely to hit by a ---------------- vehicles.
5 The number of seriously injured -------------- by two percent to 2.212.
6 In ordinary speech the words ---------------- and sensation tend to be used interchangeably, but the psychologist distinguishes
7 People think that at the top there isn't much room. They tend to think of it as an Everest.
  My message is that there is tons of room at the top
8 to come against with an impact or collision,
  as a missile, a flying fragment, a falling body, or the like:  "The car ---------- the tree."

Part E / Write the synonyms of the words given in the box. ( 8 p )






Carry out 






Part F / Use of English / For questions 1-8 , complete the second sentence so that it has the similar meaning to the first sentence. ( 10 p )

( 0 ) There won’t be any oil left soon.  RUN OUT
We will run out of oil soon.

1 She won’t pass the test because she doesn’t work hard. HARDER
  If she worked --------------- , he ----------------- pass the test.
2 She is stil optimistic about the climate change even though predictions are depressing.   DESPITE
  She is stil optimistic about the climate change ---------------------------------------------predictions.
3 Janet only goes to lessons because she wants to meet other students. ATTEND
  If Janet didn’t want to meet other students, ------------------------------------------lessons.
4 Governments have done too little to protect the environment. ENOUGH
  Governments ------------------------------------------------ to protect the environment.
5 He is not very enthusiastic because he is tired. SO
  If ----------------------------------------------, he would be more enthusiastic.



Duration : 40 min.                                                                                       Prepared by ELT Dep. / 2012

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