Conquer English

Lise 2 / 10 A ( A Kuru İngilizce Sınav Örneği )

Name / Surname ;

No / Cl ;

  Özel ------------- Anadolu Lisesi
       2011-2012 Eğitim Öğretim Yılı

2. Dönem 1.Sınavı 

Part A / Put cross (x) or tick (         ) whether countable and uncountable nouns are being used correctly. ( 7 p )


1 I went to the optician to buy

a glass ------- x
Some glass ------
Some glasses-------

2 Be careful with the vase-It is made of

a glass -------
glass -------

3 We haven’t got room in the house for more


4 He’s spent most of his life doing

Scientific research-----
Scientific researches----
A scientific research-----

5 I prefer living in the country-in the city there  is

Too many noises-----
Too much noises----
Too much noise-----

6 They are only offering the job to people with
right qualifications and

general knowledge------
general knowledges------

7 A There’s a lot of traffic, so you’d better leave in plenty of  

 Time ---------
 Times ---------

  B I know Paris well because I’ve been there

 Much time -------
 Many times-------

Part B / Vocabulary / Choose a word from the box and fill in the blanks with a suitable one. One is extra. ( 7 p )

Equipment   experience  information   luggage   meal   suggestion  vacancy   dish 

1 The ------------------------ of the photographic studio was expensive.
2 We have  few -------------- that can be prepared in less than 10 minutes.
3 For further -------------------- on the diet, write to us at this address.
4 He might not get the job because he has little ------------------- in presenting.
5 You stay there with the ----------------- while I find a cap.
6 I am looking for a job but there isn’t any ----------------- at present.
7 I’d like to hear your -------------- to raise awareness of the dangers facing the riders.

Part C / Words often confused. Read the  sentences which contain incorrect word and correct them. One is correct. Tick the correct one. ( 5 p )

I don’t think there is much opportunity of us choosing him for the job.
2 She is not working tomorrow so she’ll take the possibility to play tennis.
3 I’ve just written to my company applying for a work.
4 The course will be funny as the other students are friendly.
5 Is there a possibility that you could work on Saturday instead of Friday ?

Part D / Reading / Our four-legged friends.  ( 20 p )

C / Fiona

Fiona, who Works as a nurse, has a Siamese cat called Tooting.
She’s spent over four years trying to cure Tooting of anorexia,
a problem you have if you don’t eat. ‘ There was a time when I thought Tooting wouldn’t survive, he was so painfully thin.
His previous owner told me that it had been on antibiotics because he had problems with his teeth and gums.
 I’d do everything to tempt him eat- buy him fresh prawns and salmon, then hand-feed it to him.
In the end I saw an animal  behaviorist who said that Tooting had profound anxiety about eating because
he associated it with pain. So I had some of his teeth extracted and I was given a pain releaving electrical
device that he wears when he eats.  It’s been pretty successful and Tooting is eating fairly normally again.

Anorexia : not wanting to eat
Tempt : support, encourage
Profound : deep
Anxiety : worry
A / Brett                                                        

Brett got his pet Doberman, called Sonny, from an organisation which rescues dogs that have been badly
treated by their previous owners. “ The day after Sonny arrived he refused to let me into the house after work ,
and when I fought my way in, he bit me. It was like an all out war. I didn’t know what to do,
I had had Dobermans before and I know they are very bright dogs and I felt he deserved a chance.
I finally went to see an animal behaviorist and although it took over two years of  tremendously hard work.
Sonny is much better. The therapist started by retraining me. I had to ignore its bad behaviour. 
He had to learn that I was in charge. It’s been the hardest job I’ve ever done, and although Sonny
can still be a bit tricky, he’s a different dog these days.

Treat : behave
Deserve : earn
Retrain : train again

B / Rosemary
Rosemary had always wanted  a parrot, so a year ago she acquired William from an advert in a newspaper.
I needed a bit of company as I’m a pensioner living on own, so at first I was delighted to get William.
Well, three weeks after I got him, he suddenly started barking like a dog.The flat where I live don’t allow dogs and
William made such a loud barking noise that neighbour reported me. The William started repeating the arguments
he must have heard at his previous owners. They were a young couple getting divorced. William shouted
“ Steve, you are a liar. Don’t go Steve, I love you Steve. ( Steve was the husband’s name ).
I took William to see an  animal behaviorist who said he was in good condition,
but she couldn’t do anything for him and she thought that in time he’d forget his past owners  and
start copying the noises I make. In fact, I like Opera and he has now started to sing along,
as  I do when I’m listening, although he can  only manage the high notes.

Acquire : get
Bark ; sound dogs produce.

D / Vicki
Vicki has a dachshund called ‘ Yoda’. ‘ At about six months Yoda suddenly became wild.
She’d rush up to anyone-especially if she thought they were doing something she regarded as odd,
such as sitting on the grass or sunbathing- and start barking. She’d chase passers-by,
particularly if theywere carrying umbrellas, and stand and bark at objects like post-boxes and tin cans on the pavement.
I spent the whole time going red in the face and apologising to people.
But I knew enough about dogs to suspect that Yoda’s problem was due less to being very aggressive than to excessive fear.
As I’d got her as a puppy from a reputable breeder, I knew there was nothing basically wrong with her.
I only had one consultation and Yoda was immediately better. I was given a device called an Aboistop,
which fits on a dog’s collar. Each time Yoda barks it squirts lemon esence, which isn’t  at harmful but
dogs don’t like the smell. It has worked like a dream’

 Odd : strange, weird
 Apologising: saying sorry
reputable breeder:  famous for breeding ( feed ) animals
consultation: discussing before decision.
Collar : a part round the neck ( tasma )
Squirt : fışkırtma

A Write which owner ;  (----D-----)

1 had some trouble with accommodation because of a bet?.     ------------
2 thinks the pet is completely cured ?    ----------
3 was attacked by a pet ?                 ------------
4 got a pet when it was very young ?      ------------
5 had to learn new ways of behaviour ?    -------------
6 wanted a pet because of loneliness ?    -----------
 7 believed the pet might die?            ----------
8 had to teach a pet who was the boss ?   -----------
9 wasn’t given any help by the therapist? -----------
10 bought nice things for their pet ?     ------------

B what words related to a-h  ocur in text A-D ? ( 8p )
  e.g.  inform – information

a organise ( A ) . -----------------   b trick     ( A ) -----------------,  c advertise ( B )   ----------------,   d argue     ( B ) -------------
e success  ( C )   -----------------   f agression ( D ) -----------------,  g excess    ( D )   ----------------,   h reputation( D ) -------------

Part E / Use of English / For questions 1-8 , complete the second sentence so that it has the similar meaning to the first sentence. ( 10 p )

( 0 ) There won’t be any oil left soon.  RUN
We will run out of oil soon.

1 She won’t pass the test because she doesn’t work hard. HARDER
   If she worked --------------- , he ----------------- pass the test.
2 She is stil optimistic about the climate change even though predictions are depressing.   DESPITE
   She is stil optimistic about the climate change ---------------------------------------------predictions.
3 Janet only goes to lessons because she wants to meet other students. ATTEND
   If Janet didn’t want to meet other students, ------------------------------------------lessons.
4 Governments have done too little to protect the environment. ENOUGH
   Governments ------------------------------------------------ to protect the environment.
5 He is not very enthusiastic because he is tired. SO
   If ----------------------------------------------, he would be more enthusiastic.

Part F / Readers / The Key and The Secret Agent ( 10 p )
-READERS / Story
1-Where does Mrs. Marshall work at?
2-What happens to the letters on which there is no address or returned ones?
3-Mrs. Marshall drew a key for Danny. Why did Danny want to keep the key picture?
4-What did Danny think of the man in antique shop?
5-What had Emma read in the book at the estate agent’s office?

Chapter 1/  What did Mr Vladimir want Mr.Verloc to do ? Why ?---------------------------------------------------------------
Chapter 2 /  Match ;

A Michaelis was freed from prison because ----------------.
B Verloc envied the anarchists because    ----------------.
C Stevie became frightened because        ----------------.

1 he heard Yunth talking angrily
2 he didn’t cause any trouble as a prisoner.
3 they didn’t have to take any action.

Chapter 3 / True or false ;
A The assistant Commissioner was angry with Heat because he had said that there was no chance of anarchist activity. -------
B The bomb exploded because the person carying it fell down. -------------
C Heat thought the anarchists had come from the country. -----------

Chapter 4 /
Why didn’t the Assistant Commissioner want to arrest Michaelis ? -------------------------------------

Part G / Writing / An essay  ( 8 p )
You have had a class discussion on the environment and the future. Write your essay with 40 words giving your opinion on the following statement ;
Use the phrases in the box
In my opinion / I believe / The first is / Finally / as a result / Because of this / In addition / As a result / Consequently / lastly

Do you agree or not ? Why ?
“ Our children will live in a better environment than we do .“











Duration ; 45 min.                                             Grading ; 75 points                                                             Prepared By ELT Department


Not : sınav 75 puan üzerinden olup, 25 puan listening yapılmaktadır.

Ayrıca hikaye bölümleri her okul için farklı olabilir.

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