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Öğrenciden Gelenler / What is English for us ?

Why is Learning English Important for you ?


“To me, English is a bridge between me and other foreign people. Life is meanless without learning other languages.”

Fatıma Betül Çalışkan


“English is a tool for communicaiton with the people from other countries and cultures.”


M. Fatih Sarıgedik


“Learning English is a good thing because English is a worldwide language.”


Batuhan Kara


“Learning English is good way to understand developing world.”

Eyüp Çetin


Learning English is fantastic for me. Because I like to meet new people from all around the world.


Murat Kalkan



If you love what you are doing, you will be successful at any job. So If we love English , we ll learn it in a better way.

Hande Güven


Learning English is a different entertainment. For English, I feel very excited while studying new topics.


Musa Tokgöz



Learning English is very important because it is a gate that opens to the new things in the life for me and I think for the  millions of people all over the world,


Tugay Kamber


English is life, English is a culture.

Firdevs Adıgüzel


English is very important for me because without English, I don’t think I will be a good citizen for the world.

Merve Nur


Learning English is funny and very important as we are communicating with the world mostly with that language .


Hakan Zihli

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