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 Use of English in Turkey

It s not easy to learn English in Turkey. Even if you learn how to speak in English, using this language is more complicated.  The reason is while we are learning the language we are not paying full of our attention on it. When we grow up and need our second language, we used to notice that we actually know nothing about English.
When we become adult we used have hopes to learn perfect English but we can't catch the syllabus that the time. But we always forget that near future we' ll need our second language either way. The other type of student which he knows that he needs to improve his English skills so he used to get extra English tuition class and catch the level. Both type of students doesn't exist. My suggestion to the admin that, they should have teach how to speak English than they could teach grammar to us. It'll be more attractive and long lasting. The other subject is, while teaching English to us they  are using Turkish. It s not logic that to learn another language through your main language. As you remember, while we start mother tongue we didn't know any other language this should be the same. While we are learning English we should avoid to use Turkish.Teachers can use visual object while they are teaching to us. For example if they teach us "Apple" they should show us a Apple photo then it'll be more understandable and permanent.First level English should be short and fast, after that we can continue daily basic English.

The important part is, learning English needs to wish by Student not by Teacher. I mean the education is based on Student. The first level English needs to include only learning vocabulary, that’s all.They can start teaching  grammar once we start talkinI also want my teachers to start teaching with American English after we can continue with British English.

Once we’ve learned enough they can take us trip to Europe or America.


                                                                                            Atahan Pekmezci/10 A

                                                                                                            High School


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