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Fax, e-mails and memos

   Daha önceki yazılarda resmi olmayan mektup kuralları verilmişti ( informal letters). Bu yazıda ise fax, memo ( not ), formal letter ( resmi mektup ) ve iş başvuru detayları olacak.

   Fax'larda Dear Sir, Mr John, Dear Madam gibi ifadeleri başlangıçta yazmak zorunda değiliz.

Fax from ;   ( Kimden )                                             Lion Publishing

                                                                                          ( Address )

                                                                                      Fax : 335 345 56


Fax to  ( Kime ) ; Cobra Books. H.Street,25 Road, London

Date ( Tarih ) ; April 20, 2011

Subject ( Konu ) ; Publishing Cost

No.of page ( sayfa sayısı ) ; 1

From (kimden) ; Catherina Luigina


Topic ( içerik , konu ) 

Following our dialogue last Thursday, I am sorry to send the details of the cost of the materials .It will not be delivered until next month. I will arrange to be sent as soon as we get prints out.

      Catherina Luigina


Memo ( not ) ;

Memorandum                                                          Lion Publishing

To ; all publishings

Subject ; Printing Materials

From ; John Male

Date ; June,20 2011


Attached are the printing materials for June. Take care!




Formal Letters ( resmi mektuplar )

1. Adress goes in the top right corner, but may also go on the left.

2. The name and the job title. If you know them, you can write it on the letter

3. The date. You can write both on the left and right. 

                                                                                  July 4, 2005

                                                                            2234 St.Eminönü , 


Dovr Trainers,

105 Highllight Road,                                           ( Your address )

Liverpool. Fo, England                                                                          

To whom it may concern ( saygı ifadesi; sorumluya, Ame. İngilizcesi )

We are arranging our flight in Liverpool this summer and we would like more information on accommodation in the area.

We 'd appreciateif you could send us information about inexpensive hotel and cheap food around.

Thank you.

Sincerely ( Saygılarımla )

Leyla Canpolat



Applying for a Job ( İş başvurusu )


1. To address people whose name you don't know, you can write ( Karşıdaki sorumlunun ismini bilmediğimizde )

Dear Madam

Dear Sir

Dear Sirs

Dear Sir / Madam

Dear Sir or Madam ( British English )

To whom it may concern ( AmEnglish )

2. To address someone by name ( İsmini bildiğimizde )

Dear Mr Brown ( Br E )

Dear Mr Brown: ( AmE )

3. To finish ( end ) the letter ;


Sincerely yours

Yours truly

Eğer mektuba ismiyle başladı iseniz,

Yours sincerely ( BrE )

Dear Sir /  Madam diye başladıysanız

Yours faithfully yazmanız gerekiyor.              

                                                                         ( Sağ üst ; adresiniz )

                                                                            20, Mark Road ,          


                                                                            20 April 2010

Ms Loren John,                                                                                                                      Computer Engineer                                                                                            5 Cunning Road                                                                                          London RA. Gate

 Dear Ms John

I am writing to apply for the position ( business ) of engineering programming in your company. Please find the enclosed copy of my CV.

I have a degree in computer programming from MIT University. Since gratuation last year I have been working for -----------firm ( kendinizden bahsedin )

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely

Cristina Brown

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