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Murder in a Country House

Past Simple ( Geçmiş Zaman ) konusunun pekişmesi adına, diyalog ve okuma parçası çalışmalarını takip etmek oldukça etkilidir. Şimdi " Murder in a Country House " adlı hikayeyi çalışalım.


Read the information on the back of the book ;

The true story of the murder of a rich businessman. June 22nd 1938 was Jeremy Traver's sixteeth birthday. He had dinner at his country house with his wife, Amanda, his daughter, Barbara, his business partner, Gordon Smith and his secretary, Claudia Simeone. Next morning when Amanda Traver's went to her husband's bedroom, she found him in bed.....dead.

( Past kullanımların bold ( koyu ) halde verdik. )

The subject of the story : a murder

Read and listen to the story ;

Inspector Granger arrived at about 9.00. He was a tall man with a black moustache. Amanda, Barbara,  Claudia, and Gordon were in the living room. The inspector came in. " Mr Travers died between midnight last night and 7 o'clock this morning." he said. " Somebody in this room killed him." He looked at them one by one but nobody spoke.

The Story

" Mrs Travers,  I want to talk to you first. Come into the library with me, please."

Amanda Travers followed the inspector into the library and they sat down.

" What did your husband do after dinner last night ? "

" When we finished dinner, Jeremy said he was tired and he went to the bed."

" Did you go to bed then ?" 

" No, I didn't. I went for a walk in the garden."

" What time did you go to bed ?"

" About quarter to 12 "

" Was your husband asleep ? "

" I don't know, Inspector. We... we slept in separate rooms."

" Did you hear anything when you were in your room ?"

" Yes, I heard Jeremy's bedroom door. It opened. I thought it was Jeremy. Then it closed again. I read in bed for half an hour and then I went to sleep."

" What time did you get up this morning ? "

" I got up at about 7.15. I had breakfast and at 8.00, I took my husband a cup of tea. I found him in bed. He was ....dead. "

" Tell me, Mrs Travers, did you love your husband ?"

" Jeremy is .... was a difficult man."

" But did you love him, Mrs Travers ?"

" No, inspector. I hated him. "


Past tense kuralında fiilleri  olumlu cümlelerde 2 form ( hal )'a dönüştürerek kullanıyoruz. Irregular fiillerin ayrıntısını yazılarımızda bulabilirsiniz. Bold verilen düzensiz fiillerin ve 2. formları :


come - came ( geldi )

say - said ( dedi )

speak - spoke ( konuştu)

sit - sat

sleep - slept

hear - heard

think - thought

read - read

take - took

find - found



Questionnaire / Anket

Answer the Questionnaire for your last holiday. And Macth the answers with the questions.

1 Where did you go ?

2 Who did you go with ?

3 When did you go that place ?

4 How did you go there ?

5 How long did you stay ?

6 Where did you stay ?

7 What did you do there ?

8 Did you buy any souvenir ?

9 Did you have a good time ?

10 What kind of problems did you have ?


a 2 weeks

b to Paris

c last June

d my wife

e by speed train

f yes, paintings and cup.

g very hot, the traffic.

h walked around the city, took photos of famous museums, went to restaurants.

i in a big hotel near Eiffel, nice and expensive

j nice, food, city full of history

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