Conquer English

Speaking Fluently in English / Doğal / Akıcı Konuşma


Merhaba Nasıl Denir ?

Hello / Hi / How are you doing ?
Hello / Hi / How is it going ?
 HEllo / Hi / How are things ?

Mutlu İsek ;

Fine, thanks. How are you ?
Good,thanks . And you ?
Not so bad, thanks. How are you doing ?

Mutlu değil isek ;

Not brilliant, not perfect
Not brilliant actually.

Bay Bay demek için ;

Bye. See you later !
Bye. Catch you later!
See you !
See you later.
See you soon.

Birileri üzgünüm dediğinde ;

It doesn't matter.
It's / That's alright.
Don't worry about it.

Birşeyler alıp almayacağımızı sormak için ;

May I take this dictionary / book / chair etc. ?
Could I have your pencil, please ?
Would you mind lending your.......?

" Evet " demek istediğimizde ;

Please do!
Yes, of course!
Be my guest!
Help your yourself!
Feel free!

"Hayır " demek istediğimizde ;

I am afraid.
I am afraid I need it.
I' m sorry.

Birşeyleri yapabileceğimizi sormak ;

Do you mind If I ----------?
Is it all right If I open the door ?

" Yes " ;

Be my guest !
Go ahead, sure !
Please do!
Yes, please.

" No " ;

Actually, I'd rather you didn't.
I'm sorry!
I'd rather you didn't , if you don't mind.

Birine bir şey sunmak için ;

Could I get you something to drink / eat ?
Would you like something to eat / drink ?

"yes " ;

Yes, please. Tea would be great.
I'd love a coffee, thanks.

"No" ;

No, thanks. I'm fine.
I'm alright, thanks.

Yardım sunmak için ;

Can I help you with your luggage / bags ?
Would you like some help with....?

Let me help you.

"Yes "
Thanks. That would be great.
That's a great help, thanks.

"No" ;
It's alright, thanks.
I'm fine thanks.

Birisi Teşekkür ettiğinde ;

( Birine birşey yaptığımızda )

That's alright.
It was no problem / trouble.
Not at all.

( Birine birşey verdiğimizde )

It was my pleasure.
I'm glad / happy you like it .
Don't mention it.
You are welcome.
Don't mention it.

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