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Why do we work ?

Conversational English

Conversation 1
Where do you work ?

A: Where do you work jessica ?
J: I work in Pizza Real Resraurant.
A: Oh, really ? What do you do there ?
J: I'm a waitress. I serve food.
A: Tiring ?
J: Yes, it is a tiring job but I like it. And what do you do ?
A: I am a student and I have a part-time job.
J: Where do you work then ?
A: In a tourism agency in Madrid.

Conversation 2
What time do you start ?

D: Do you usually come to the  training in the afternoon ?
J: Yes, I do.
D: What time do you go to work, then ?
J: I start my work at 9.00 p.m.
D: Oh, that's too late. When do you get home at night ?
J: I don't get home at night because I work till morning.
D: Oh you start  at 9 and finish at ....
J: I finish at 5. Totally I work 8 hours.
D: What do you do, exactly ?
J: I'm a guard in a company. I keep the goods safe till morning.
D: Do you like hour job ?
J: Emm, it is a bit tiring to be awake at night but I like my job because I have
   a lot of things to do in daytime.

Some jobs / Bazı meslekler

A chef
a carpenter
a nurse
a dancer
a lumberjack
a cowboy
a fisherman
a receptionist
a taxi driver
a flight attendant
a construction worker
a teacher
a salesman / woman - A salesperson
a doctor
a tailor
a company director
a musician
a pilot
a server
a singer
a tour guide
a Web-site designer
a director

Some questions ? Mesleklerlerle ilgili sorulabilecek sorular ;

Is your job dangerous ?
Which job do you think is the easiest to do ?
Which are the difficult jobs in your opinion ?

Sample sentences / Örnek cümleler.

A salesperson sells clothes in a department store.
A chef cooks food in a restaurant.
A carpenter builds houses for a construction company.
A doctor cures the patients in a hospital.
A nurse cares for patients in a hospital

Why do you need a job ?


I am 22 now and I don't have a job at the moment. I graduated from the English Teaching Department this year and
I want to work in a primary school as an English teacher. I need to earn some money because I'd like to go world tour with the group from my school.


I don't have time but I urgently need a job because I am in 4th grade at the university and it is very expensive this year.
I study Maths. I have class all weekdays from 10 to 3. So I can work in restaurants or agencies. I don't have any experience but I can learn.
I speak 3 languages. I think this can help me find job easily.

Why do we work ? / Neden çalışırız ?

- to save money
- to earn money for college
- to buy a house
- to buy a car
- to go out at the weekend
- to meet our expenses

Work and Questions ?

What do you do ?
How do you like your job ?
How do you like your college ?
What do you do after work  / school ?

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