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Here you are !

In this lesson, we'll practise intonation and pronunciation by reading specific information about the dialogue.

Key words / Buying things ( Satın alma )

bell / zil, çan

customer / müşteri

shop assistant / mağaza görevlisi, tezgahtar

key ring / anahtarlık

flag / bayrak


cup / kupa bardak

scarf / kaşgol, atkı

watch / saat

souvenir / hatıra eşya


Useful Phrases / Buying

Can I help you ? / Yardım edebilir miyim ?

How much is it ? / Ne kadar ( tutar ) ?

Here you are . / İşte buyrun !

That's a good idea. / iyi fikir.

How about this.... ? Şuna ne dersin ?

Sure  / tabii ki., tamam


Make a dialogue 

Shop assistant : Good evening. How can I help you ?

Customer : Good evening. I would like to buy a souvenir.

S.A : How about this scarf with Istanbul picture on ?

C : That's a good idea. How much is it ?

S.A : It is only 20 L.

C : Can I have 3 , please ? Sorry, do you have a bell ?

S.A : Sure. It is only 5 L. 

C : Can I have 2, please.

S. A : 70 L totaly. Do you want to pay cash or by credit card ?

C : Cash, please.

S.A : Here you are.

C : Thanks very much.


Current Activities / Güncel aktiviteler

The Present Continuous


Aşağıdaki kelimeler Pre.Con.'da genellikle kullanılmaz.,( - ing eki almazlar )

know , have, like, want , love, hate


Making a dialogue

A: Hi, It is nice to see you again. Are you still working in department store ?

B : No, I'm not. I am working in restaurant. I am a waiter !

A : Waiter! It should be so interesting.

B : Sure. I am also studying "tourism management" at the college. 

A: No kidding. Do you like it ?

B : Yes, I like it a lot. How about you ? What are you doing these days ?

A : I' m still working in a restaurant, too. I am chef!

B : Good. Where are you living ?

A: I'm living in the city centre. How about you ?

B : Right now , I am living at home with my family . But we are looking for a flat with my friends in the city.

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